KAFEEK® Seatbelt Cutter Window Breaker Escape Tool, Pack of 8
Pointed steel head excellent for breaking windows and shattering glass in cars and vehicles alike.
Escape quickly when you or your loved ones are in danger, ensure the safety of your family and friends.
Multi-functional and helpful tool also compact and light can easily be stored in your glove box. 8 Emergency tools protect your friends and family and assure safety in your car.
Product Description The Emergency tool will help you escape quickly in a serious car accident, a few seconds can mean life and death for you and your loved ones. Act immediately! Many people fear wearing a seat belt in case they were to be trapped in a burning or sinking vehicle. Use the emergency tool to prevent being trapped and escape as fast as possible. Electric windows will definitely not work and waiting for help can cause serious injuries to friends, families and yourself. The longer you wait the bigger the casualties, act now! Features: Can easily be stored in the car and the handle is compact and light. Razor sharp recessed seat cutting blade for a quick escape, cuts through tangled seat belts. Pointed steel head: use a bit of strength and break through car windows and other kind of glasses. Bright yellow colored lets you easily see the tool Cut through your seat belt easily Cut yourself free after an accident you want to act as fast as possible even injured and get out of your car as soon as you can and call for help. Our emergency tool will allow you to cut yourself loose even if it is a bit difficult to release yourself from the seatbelt. Shatter car windows and glass When the doors are jammed and you have freed yourself from the seat belt. The window is the next challenge. Break free and shatter a side window or front window depending where you sit and escape fast. Break free and escape from dangerous situations caused by car accidents. There is no time to loose when you are in danger and this tool will definitely save you time, injuries and friends and family. Escape alive with our emergency tool. Package includes 8 Pcs Bright yellow safety hammer (No instructions)
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